Environment Policy

Green Steel for environment Our strategy makes provision for ‘The Rani Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.’ environmentally oriented development, guaranteeing a reduction in negative impacts on the environment. In the face of current challenges, RRM is directing all its efforts towards increasing the efficiency of operations. This includes protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainable environmental and social development in Bangladesh. Our key goal in the area of environmental protection is to reduce our environmental footprint and its impact on the communities in which we operate, and to lead the way in environmental friendly operations.

To establish a logical strategy and reliable approach to environmental management, RRM has developed the following corporate principles:

  • Compliance with environmental laws and regulations; (The Rani Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. (RRM) is following the environment conservation rules, 1997 of Bangladesh.)
  • Prioritization of environmental criteria when building new facilities, carrying out upgrades, and improving technological processes.
  • Continuous improvement of our environmental performance, applying the best available technologies and practices to ensure lowest possible CO emission.

  • Green Initiatives:

    RRM Group makes all efforts to lessen any sort of environmental impact of its activities at any stage of operation focusing on adopting new measures in order to ensure energy efficiency and sustainability in practices. To address environmental commitments, RRM Group is dedicated on sustainability at the early stages of any projects so that, life-cycle economic model examining environmental issues is developed when designing process.
  • Energy Conservation:

    RRM Group initiates energy conservation by procuring raw materials and Ferro-alloys with low impurities and thus the focus is always on acquiring iron ore pellets with high iron and low impurities. Promotion and implementation of energy efficiency practices have been the center of our attention always.
  • Pollution Prevention:

    RRM Group incorporated fume treatment plant in primary as well as secondary zone of the melt shop to realize dust free smoke to the atmosphere. We always analyze air emissions; waste water generated from factories and measures the noise level to ensure compliance with environmental laws and international standards.
  • Waste Management:

    Waste management is essential for any materials that are hazardous dismantling their state of matter. Our waste management department deals with collection, segregation, processing & manage the by-products from the plant. Moreover, RRM Group is focusing on identifying opportunities that will ensure 100% utilization and re-use of by-products from steel manufacturing process.

RRM has developed a comprehensive set of measures to reach the levels of best available practices in environmental protection. This will help RRM to further consolidate its competitive advantages, which is fundamental for the sustainable development of this company.